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Services offered by Earth Government


  • Local and global policy analysis and development

  • Earth management

  • Measurement of local and global indicators

  • Measurement of Sustainable Development

  • The Global Community Assessment Centre (GCAC)

  • Meeting and voting on the Internet

  • Support Centre

  • Business contacts and job opportunities

  • Global project management

  • Taking contracts to manage global projects

  • Taking contracts for Earth management

  • Measuring local and global indicators

  • Measuring sustainable development

  • Serving as the Global Community Assessment Centre of indicators about global changes

  • Dedicated to increasing public awareness about issues of global concern

  • Working in cooperation with individuals, industry, and government to create a global value shift toward a sustainable future for Earth

  • Disseminating information on sustainable development

  • Promoting international cooperation and a Global Community Sustainable Development through seminars and conferences, and a Global Dialogue

  • Providing strategies to achieve environmental, health and safety excellence and economic success in Earth Community

  • Providing a link between scientists, officials from all levels of government, economists, statisticians, environmentalists, ecologists, renewable and non-renewable resources specialists, business leaders, educators, non-governmental organizations,  health and social experts, Aboriginals and Natives, home and community planners, and the public to explore local and global sustainable development issues

  • Serving the scientific community as a forum for the presentation and discussion of important issues related to sustainable development

  • Generating a Earth Community dialogue about and for peace and sound solutions to that effect

  • Providing a Global Online Community for the general public and the opportunity for involvement and feedback into projects and programs

  • Providing Earth Community with sound solutions related to home and community sustainable development, environmental designs and sustainable buildings

  • Committed to the sustainable end of world hunger by finding sound solutions to development

  • Promoting the global adoption of energy-efficiency in order to enable a sustainable economic development and an ecological sustainable development

  • Performing global review of projects, examine alternatives, and formulates guidelines and criteria for future local and global development

  • Establishing a permanent global dialogue to ensure a sound future for Earth

  • Coordinating the assessment of local and global indicators along with other national and international organizations

  • Establishing accounting and valuation on sustainable development; making results available to governments, research institutions, NGOs from all countries

  • Establishing Earth Community network that will conduct annual assessments of sustainable development indicators and making results available on the Internet

  • Providing gross global indicators to Earth Community

  • Developing projects and programs to promote The Global Community concept in schools

  • Establishing a warning system on environmental hazards and emergencies to help prevent disasters from happening

  • Helping countries to prevent and peacefully settle environmental disputes by initiating a process for dialogue and finding solutions

  • Proposing a local and global Code of criminal law governing transnational offenses; propose minimum standards of punishment for transboundary criminal behavior

  • Proposing joint legal instruments and policies to facilitate management of transboundary natural resources and border ecosystems, and to regulate the use of renewable natural resources

  • Proposing integrated accounts systems, business and industry accounts, economic policies, policy instruments, and private actions

  • Proposing policies and management practices to national and international organizations for the integration of environment and development at various stages of the decision-making process

  • Proposing joint projects between countries for resource management and control

  • Proposing to international institutions (World Bank, IMF, etc.) measurements of sustainable development be included in their statistics on socioeconomic, trade and financial performance




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