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A grassroots process 

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The Earth Community websites are found at:

1.    Earth Community Organization (ECO)

2.    Proceedings of Global Dialogue 2000, the World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development - Global Community Action 1 - held on August 1-22, 2000. It also includes universal values, Earth flag campaign first started, a sense of direction for humanity, Scale of Human and Earth Rights, measurement of sustainable development, Vision of Earth in Year 2024, definition of sustainable development, Earth Charter first started, Discussion Roundtables of World Congress and Overview of Proceedings.

3.   Proceedings of Global Dialogue 2002, Earth Management - All Peoples together
Earth Government for Earth Community
- A grassroots process -
held August 17-22, 2002, in Toronto and August 1-31, 2002, on Internet.

4.    The Global Community Assessment Centre (GCAC) history, R & D, projects,  and objectives.









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