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Dr. Islam Israfil oglu Mustafaev

for Discussion Roundtables 1, 6, 9, 24, 25, 26, 28, 36, and 40

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by Dr. Islam Israfil oglu Mustafaev

On the geographical location and resources of energy-carriers and rare kinds of fishes , and also opportunity of development of shipping the Caspian sea is occupied the important place in the sustainable development of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan and Iran. In connection with realization of the project of restoration "Great Silk Way " it's importance will much grow in the near future.

After destruction of USSR and occurrence of the new states has put new problems of guards of natural resources and potential opportunities Caspian sea. It is connected to the following circumstances:

- Sharp increasing of offshore oil production power. Only in Azerbaijan sector Caspian sea in nearest 4-5 years the production power of petroleum with participation 40 petroleum companies from 18 countries will grow in 5 times. The similar contracts are available in Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan sector of the sea. Wide-scale production and the transportation of petroleum creates serious ecological danger in the region.

- Increasing of the water level. In result of rise of water on 2,5 since 1978 many populous and the economic objects have remained under water, the thousands environmental refugees were formed, huge damage the economy of Caspian countries, especially Azerbaijan and Iran is put.

-Chemical pollution of the sea by industrial wastes. After disintegration USSR centralized management of the environment in Caspian countries are away and consequently there is the uncontrollable pollution of the seas, that destroys rare fauna and flora.

The basic reason the exasperation of the ecological conditions on Caspian sea is application of " economically - good, ecologically-bad " technologies for fastest overcoming of economic difficulties of postsoviet transitional period. In the report is considered probable consequences of such approach to use of natural resources in the context of sustainable development.

For maintenance of sustainable development of Caspian region one of major conditions is internationalization of ecological problems Caspian sea, that provides the decision of the following problems:

*International Convention on the protection of Caspian sea
*Mutual agreement of standards and legislative acts on the environmental protection in Caspian sea
*Timely information on the accident emissions and outflows
*Agreement on the procedure of mutual producing of economical sanctions for environmental pollution
*Mutual acquaintance and agreement on the projects realized in Caspian sea

In the report is analyzed the specific projects on improvement of the ecological conditions in the Caspian sea and maintenance of his positive role in sustainable development of byCaspian countries.

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