Meeting between President Obama and Soullife

Thank you Soullife, God's Spirit, for inviting me here to explain America's position on issues related to the oil sands, you called the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta, Canada.

The United States have been using the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta for a few years now and not truly planning to stop importing it. There is an environmental assessment going on right now in each State where the pipeline carrying the dirty tar sands oil will be built. Each State Government will be making the decision of allowing or not the pipeline be built on their land. So it is not entirely up to my Administration and Federal Government agencies to make a final decision as to allow the new pipeline built on American soil.

I acknowledge what you said concerning the use of the dirty tar sands oil, i.e. the fuelling and the manufacturing of by-products to be used by the:

1. war machine;
2. war industry; and
3. our military in America.

All of them are a part of our society and being heavily, if not entirely, subsidized by American taxpayers. That is not new! The United States have been gradually increasing its involvement in invading other nations all over the world ever since WWII. That is what we do best! And that has made our economy to prosper and kept it on a continuous growth line from decades to decades. As long as other nations keep buying our war products we prosper.

All of this was well done until your organization, the Global Community, started to tell us we were bankcrupted and the reason being that the USA military was the main cause of the bankcrupcy. That caused our economy to collapse. You provided plenty of proof. But no one in America wanted the military be blamed of gorging itself in taxpayers money. So we focused the attention on "the house bubble". Truly! Our military could not have taken the blame for the collapse of our economy. Even though we all know that is the truth. The extreme and wasteful spending of our military is the main factor for the collapse. The military lives off taxpayers money and never had to earn a penny. The military never understood how hard it is to earn money to make a living.

In any way by telling the truth, the Global Community caused a domino effect that finally collapsed our economy and business leadership worldwide. Your leadership brought down America to its knees. For now we managed to focus the attention on other countries in the Eurozone. But it will not be long before we follow down the slope of bankcrupcy, a steep one from now on. Printing trillions of dollars and hand them over to banks and friendly corporations and government agencies will not do it. Unearned money is not going to work anymore. It is no different than the act of money laundering but on a global scale. It is illegal! It is no excuse the Eurozone leardership followed our bad example on that issue. I mean what is an economy built on: unearned money, money laundering??!! What about those living off sharholders money? They never earned an honest penny. They use an economic system totally rotted to its core and take advantage of it to obtain unearned money. They dont have the need to do work for a living.

Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev ended the Cold War in 1991 because of their economy suffering from the unsatisfying appetite of the military. He had the guts to end the Cold War to save his people from a nuclear war. A leader of Peace and Harmony! Why have the United States not followed his leadership in creating an open and safe world?

If America had followed his leadership the American economy would not have been bankcrupted today.

Now America wants Russia out of Syria. Americans are still at it again. Pushing, manipulating, invading. All about showing off and wanting to control. We truly have no right to change a political system of a nation just because we dont like it. In Iraq, we called rebels "insurgents." In Pakistan and Afghanistan, we called rebels Talibans. Since WWII we have been involved in many nations to either kill and bomb rebels and their communities, or we help rebels with arms so they do the work for us against a government we did not like anymore. In Iraq and Afghanistan we have bombed the place so much and killed at least a million people, committed genocide ten times over, and got those nations back to stone age. All under the United Nations approval! No questions asked! Never got taken to the International Court of Justice for our crimes. Was the Court bias?

Remember Vietnam? The Vietnam War was a Cold War-era military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. We attack the place. We tried to invade the place. To these days no one really knows why we tried to invade the place. I sure dont! Was it because we did not like their political system, communism? Was it because Americans enjoy killing, bombing communities, destroying, and showing off military warfare? Was it because it made good economic sense? We must have killed over a million people. What a bloodshed! Back in America, Americans were told we were killing the bad guys, the communists. That was all what was needed to do the killing. No other reason! The American military troops were the self proclaimed heroes. And to these days the International Court of Justice never got a President to stand in Court for the genocide Americans have committed during the Vietnam war. Was the Court bias? As if nothing had happened! America was right and the other guys were communits! The irony of it all is that today communists own America. China bought America with hard earned money! Low salary and hard earned money. They have an economic system that asks someone to do work to earn a living. And somehow they manage to buy America. At least the U.S.A. will have to give China the State of Texas to pay for their debt to China. At the least! We should ask Governor Rick Perry and Texas's Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn what they would think of giving away the State of Texas to China to pay for America's debt. They are truly Americans but would they want to let go Texas to save America? We all have to make sacrifices. Of course my Administration would relocate every single American from Texas to elswhere. The Arizona desert might be a good place for all Texans. The Sonoran Desert, an area of 120,000 sq mi., might be just what we need. Eventually, global warming will make the desert so hot you would not have a need for a stove for cooking. So that will save taxpayers money. After all, the burning of Texas oil caused the global warming of the planet so it is only fair Texans suffer hell in the desert.

And then we would follow China's lead about creating a proper economic system in America. Communism might not be a bad idea! Texans will have to work to make a living. What a change! But then I got elected as President of the United States on the promise of making changes.

Our military is no replacement to the "will of the people," democracy, the rule of law, social justice, and to Global Rights and Global Justice. The Global Community is right by demanding the end of subversive military forces such as the United States military and NATO.

Our military has created a link in 737-strong chain of American military bases in 130 countries, mainly to control and aquire resources of those countries either by economic walfare or military warfare. The USA military is everywhere to invade, destroy, kill, corrupt governments, and de-stabilize the world for profit. The more unstable the world is the better.

What would our military do without conflicts and wars? We create them, and that is what we do best. Of course! No way out of that! We cannot be inactive! In your ten Commandements you said "that shall not kill". But in our values and beleifs we say that shall not kill our military.

Soullife, you have proposed to stop the fuelling and the manufacturing of by-products from the dirty tar sands oil because it is being used by the war machine, the war industry and our military. To stop production of the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta and its tranportation through pipelines to our facilities would be suicidal for our military. Our military is totally powerless without enough barrels of oil to hold on to. Our military needs the dirty tar sands oil of Alberta more than they need drugs from the Mexican drug cartel. Well I am not entirely sure about that. But look! Those who buy the drugs are those who actually make money to pay for them. I am saying here that those working in the oil field and the military and its war machine have most of the money and, therefore, are more likely to be buying hard drugs.

So if we stop production of the dirty tar sands oil the effect will be to:

a) stop the buying of drugs from the Mexican drug cartel; note that the F.B.I. and Home Land Security probably know that but are not likely to tell anyone.

b) bring Global Peace on planet Earth.