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Oregon County, Missouri USA
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Forelaws on Board
- From Infinity to Infinity -

Forelaws refers to the constant of human empathy and compassion on Earth and to its counterpart on every planet with intelligent life.   Humankind - inwardly cognizant of its own complexity (the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in a single human if extended linearly would reach from one end of our solar system to the other), and outwardly cognizant of its "observable universe" (13,000 million light years in all directions) - is genetically  predisposed to forelawsship and the advancement of  evolutionary panaltruism ranging from The Compassionate Global Society on Earth to neo-panspermia directed from Earth (NPDE).   In synergy with  cyclical phenomena including the birth and death of galaxies, stars and planetary systems, the propagation of life from infinity to infinity by intelligent life speaks to the deep human need (and that of all intelligent life) to know from whence we came as well as to the equally important need for meaning and purpose.   Forelawsship fosters empathy and compassion between members of our own species, in relating to species other than our own, and with all intelligent life  in the cause of reciprocity, oneness and the perpetuity of life.

The Compassionate Global Society - Neo-Panspermia Directed from Earth

     Forelawsship in the twenty-first century  - giving rise to The Compassionate Global Society on a planetary scale highlighted by neo-panspermia directed from Earth on a cosmic level - launches a new direction for contemporary science, philosophy and religion.    Of the myriad of challenges facing humanity today and in the millennia ahead none offer more fulfillment in terms of meaning and purpose than creation of The Compassionate Global Society and partnership with all intelligent life on behalf of the infinite continuum of life.

The Compassionate Global Society on a planetary scale (linked inseparably to human mate selection, the nurturing of offspring, and early childhood education)  envisions  progressive engagement of human empathy and compassion ensuring the basics of human altruism:   (a)  a healthful, sustainable environment for every planetary citizen, (b) universal health care, publicly supported, (c) education for all based upon individual capability, (d) creative/productive employment for every planetary citizen, (e) post-retirement security.    Inspired by
"concern for others and for those who will succeed us . . . . . " (The Center for Naturalism), by "The Golden Rule is a natural consequence of the recognition of the unity of  being" (Esme Wynne-Tyson, The Philosophy of Compassion, Centaur Press, 1970), and by scientific research validating the biological basis for human cooperation (Emory University), The Compassionate Global Society focuses additionally on  global issues including but not limited to  conflict resolution    -    overconsumption    -     overpopulation    -    world hunger    -    climate change    -    social justice     -    the integrity of the human gene pool    -    ethical vegetarianism    -    the worldwide re-introduction of industrial hemp    -    global water equilibrium   -    multicultural unity    -    a democratically planned global economy   -    The Kepler Mission (NASA)   -    and world summitry on societal sustainability.

In all matters relating to compassionate interconnectedness on every planet with intelligent life (including that compassionate interconnectedness which is addressed either in part, or whole, by existing statutes and conventions), the quality of such compassionate interconnectedness is directly proportional to the degree to which The Golden Rule is extended to all forms of life and to the continuum of life itself.

    Overshadowing yet exemplifying the Human Genome Project, neo-panspermia directed from Earth  becomes less futuristic for our planet owing in large measure to the ongoing discovery of extrasolar planets and space missions planned to locate Earth-type planets (Kepler in 2007, Terrestrial Planet Finder, 2012-2015 and Darwin, 2014).   Comet formation and planetary terraforming (Mars in the case of Earth) are among tools vital to directed neo-panspermia.   The cosmic propagation of life by intelligent life on Earth (itself traceable to cosmic genealogy) unites the whole of humankind.   Respect for life reinforced  by this shift in human perspective and consciousness enjoins the message that must be taken to the very few of our species who have adopted the terrorist philosophy.   

"I suspect that the cosmic quality of microbiology will seem as obvious to future generations as the Sun being the centre of the solar system seems obvious to the present generation." - Sir Fred Hoyle ("The Relation of Biology to Astronomy." 1980).

"Detection of  convicing evidence for extraterrestrial life would be a significant event in human history.   Efforts to detect signs of intelligent life should be directed by the kind of signals which intelligent life is most likely to produce, given the constraints of physical reality.   Activities designed to spread life throughout the universe may not seem like reasonable behavior to us now, but as we learn more about life and its possibilities, it may seem like the most reasonable way we can participate in the evolution of life across the universe.  The discovery of intergalactic seeds produced by intelligent life would immediately change our view of the origin and purpose of life on earth, and improve our expectations for the future of life in this universe."   (Robert T. Hemphill, from
Searching for Signals from Civilizations Spreading Life Among the Galaxies).

Other than that which may be surmised through extrapolation, knowledge of the Universe beyond the boundaries of the observable universe of any communicating planet ("observable universe" as circumscribed by the state-of-the-technology of evolving intelligent life) is directly proportional to the degree to which an exchange-relay of knowledge exists between communicating planets with overlapping observable universes.

Moving humankind beyond centuries-old cultures in conflict with human predisposition to creative cooperation and The Compassionate Global Society starts with world summitry on societal sustainability.   The Compassionate Global Society and neo-panspermia directed from Earth  warrant agenda status at the first and successive world summits proposed on societal sustainability.

World Summitry on Societal Sustainability

Like the first mission
designed to search specifically for terrestrial-like planets (Kepler), the first and successive summits  on societal sustainability (even if only incrementally successful with each generation) embody the fundamental unity and aspirations of all humanity.    World summitry on societal sustainability, resonating with individual uniqueness/compassionate interconnectedness, marshals previously untapped human cooperation, energy and resources in addressing international terrorism and the institution  of a democratically planned global economy (DPGE).    Investigating, understanding and eradicating the root causes of international terrorism entails objective analyses of all social dichotomies including religious dogmas, political ideologies, and economic systems.   In a very real sense this summitry has already begun through the vision and effort of Germain Dufour (The Global Constitution).   A democratically planned global economy implemented through the United Nations (with built-in mechanisms for optimum input and oversight guaranteed to all member-states - demonstrating human predisposition to creative cooperation - is prerequisite to ending for all time the scourge of international terrorism.   Societal sustainability,  presupposing  vastly increased worldwide production of industrial hemp (a non-narcotic plant essential to The Compassionate Global Society),  leads over time to an escalation  of human values and relationships transcending  money-centered economics (Altruists International). Worthy of in-depth review is Myth America (W. H. Boyer).

Forelawsship and evolutionary panaltruism in the forefront of science, philosophy and religion remain key to The Compassionate Global Society  and neo-panspermia directed from Earth - as humanity moves toward company with all intelligent life whose observable universes (and directed neo-panspermia) overlap  . . . . . and overlap . . . . . and overlap . . . . . to infinity.

- In tribute to the mutual quest of all intelligent life - from infinity to infinity - for compassionate interconnectedness and  the perpetuity of life -

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Forelaws on Board
Oregon County, Missouri USA
Deschutes County, Oregon USA


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