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From: 'The United Peoples' organization.
Subject Re: Global Constitution first draft ready. Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 20:12:10 +0100
From: info
To have any meaning and differ from the previous failed attempts, the project must take side in the class struggle.

Here is our offer.



The World Parliament of The United Peoples for TAKEOVER OF TRANSNATIONAL CORPORATIONS
The peaceful and direct way for the people to get in charge is via an elected world parliament to take over the transnational corporations where all economic and political power is concentrated:

own, or control via their payments for advertising
who on behalf of the TNCs at the so-called *democratic elections* select the politicians, typically corporate executives, to administer the capitalist societies in favour of the TNCs
individually or through IMF, WB, WTO and with the support of western quisling goverments bribe, intimidate, possibly invade the countries of
Africa Asia South America
who lay their countries wide open for TNC plunder of the natural resources and cheap labour and for destruction of national industry and farming.

As counter to the planned fascist US world government of huge concentration of all power, the world parliament of the *G6B* (Group 6 Billion), i.e. the ultimate direct democracy, is established and run on basis of the Internet and organized by the only existing responsible political force concerned with the overall survival of the planet: the global grassroot resistance movement.

The world parliament of, for and by the united peoples will be elected by all Earth citizens who have reached the age of 15 years.

The 600 parliament members (each representing about 10 million voters) will be elected among candidates with long records of unambiguous anti-corporate active struggle and endorsed by the progressive workers-, farmers-, women-, environment-, peace-, human rights-, students-, etc., mass - and grassroot organisations forming a network and in each country a committee for organizing the election of the parliament members .

Re-election beyond one term of two years will NOT be allowed. Each national mandate may be retracted by a national vote in case of unsatisfactory performance.

The voting procedure is electronic and the voting done at public poll stations, private computers and camera-phones connected via the internet to a regional server.

There is no registration of the voters. Identification is biometric by camera reading of eye iris - more than 30 parameters are registered so that nobody can vote more than once.

Because of the urgency, the establishment of the world parliament will have to be expanded and implemented gradually. Internet poll centers as soon as possible must be established in all cities, towns and villages.

The parliament members form working groups for all of the relevant issues. Each working group defines the problem areas to be solved and put each problem out on the net for discussion. If necessary, a vote between alernative solutions to the individual problem is arranged.

The world parliament of the united peoples will compete with the US-dominated corrupted UN and merely by its moral superiority tend to take over all influence.

Its primary task is takeover of the ownership of selected transnational corporations in key areas whereby in effect all of them will be controlled.

The peaceful way to this end is exploitation of the full potential of organized consumers power and/or the recurrent economic depressions.

Any business is completely dependent on the willingness of the consumers to buy its products. By (threatening with) organized boycott, the shareholders of any corporation producing consumer goods, rather than loosing everything, after a while will appreciate transfer of their ownership of the corporation to the peoples parliament, against being paid back their invested money within a negociated period of 5 - 10 years depending on the profit level of the corporation.

AFTER each takeover the consumers are now asked to buy ONLY from the acquired corporation.

In each country or state the committees also organize election of a national committee to take over selected national corporations in key areas of business.

For more details see:, *Political Revolution*.

The Peoples War for breaking down the criminal imperialistic system, and this scheme for the alternative new peoples world are two sides of the same coin.

Based on active participation of significant portions of the populations, they supplement and empower eachother and outlines a complete solution to the apocalyptic devastation and misery of the planet.

The establishment of the united peoples world parliament is urgent if it is to take over transnational corporations when the dollar and the corporate sector collapse:


Formation, by progressive grassroot and mass organisations, of national committees to take over national corporations and to organize the election of the world parliament of the united peoples for takeover of transnational corporations.

The United Peoples

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