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Take note that as of September 2009, all Newsletters will be published at the following location: http://globalcommunitywebnet.com/GPA/2010GIMcurrentnews.htm

The Global Community has held the Current News ever since 1985. A short list of our previous work on the Current News aspects and issues. A short list of our previous work on theCurrent Newsaspects and issues is shown here

For more recent work on the Current News aspects and issuesread the following table.

 Month/year  Newsletter Theme  Read contents
 August 2008   Politics and Justice without borders
The theme of Global Dialogue 2009 is:
Global Community
Global Movement to Help
Essential Services

to serve the people of all nations, all life on Earth
 July 2008  Federation of Global Governments essential services
are offering the
" Global Movement to Help "

 June 2008  Global Rights year one
 May 2008  The Global Community perspective of the Dalai Lama request for the sovereignty of Tibet and of his leadership as a peacemaker
 April 2008  The Global Community Peace Movement has declared a planetary state of emergency
Global Community Peace advocates have told their stories
 March 2008  A truthful democracy for the people of the North American continent   Read
 February 2008   The Soul of all Life, the Soul of Humanity, is the unifying religion of a modern symbiosis society, that of the global civilization of the 3 rd Millennium   Read
 January 2008  The ECO Award 2007
Global Community accomplishments in the year 2007
 November/December 2007  The Global Community perspective on the control of the Northwest Passage, Canada sovereignty of Nunavut and 'blood resources'   Read
 October 2007   Twenty two years ago the Global Community organization was created. Today the world is celebrating the amazing accomplishments of the Global Community.   Read
 September 2007   Global Community Proceedings
of the
Global Dialogue

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