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The revolution in communications and transportation made the world smaller and the people closer to each other in their needs and preferences, consumption patterns and lifestyles. This circumstance makes the existence of an Earth Charter rather promising as regards to its possible impact on manís mentality and behaviour. However, the revolution in social life and education made for a huge diversity of personalities and tastes, hobbies and standards of life, methods of earning and entertainment. The combined efforts of many sciences revealed a close interdependence between the human health, the conduct of the people, the quality of their environment, the type of their professional occupation, the motives and objectives of their lives, the relationships with other people and with the natural elements.

The Earth Charter shall make good use of this interdependence and, at the same time, avoid huge enumeration of degradation factors and their consequences. It shall be equally understandable by a child and an old man, by a housewife and a scientist. It shall apply to the great diversity of peopleís confessions, races, social groups, etc. The conditions should be sought in which the efficiency of the Charter could be ensured, so that it is a workable instrument and a policy guideline for most people living on the earth.

The experience of law enforcement world-wide shows that man will always seek ways to circumvent laws that are opposite to his/her basic interests and needs. Thus, the Charter should look more like a moral law or ethical line of conduct, than like a regulation of life and activity. In this respect, old Latin and Greek texts may be of certain use along with general texts from religion books. Care should be taken that the text not be very lengthy, so that it is possible to be used as a small brochure, a poster, a leaflet, a small disk or a movie accompanied by adequate images. A very short version of it could be as follows:

"We, the people of the Earth, that were favoured to have heart and reason, capacity to communicate with each other, to reflect and to repent, to repair and to improve, to have affection and compassion for each other and for our less fortunate brothers - the plants and the insects and the birds, the plains and the hills, the waters and the land, we all as a body and each individually UNDERTAKE to live rationally and care tenderly for all and any of the human beings living in this time-span, respecting their needs and individuality, to co-live with all nature elements trying earnestly to inflict no pain on any of the magnificent manifestations of life on Earth and to easy the pain existing around us."

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Article 2

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