Shaping The Future Global


  1. December 1: The creation of a Global healing culture- self responsibility and self-healing. Human dignity and security, climate change, human rights, and nuclear disarmament, have elements of transnational global health components and are therefore related to global health. There are new technologies which can reduce greenhouse pollution and produce non-polluting energies.
  2. December 2: World Peace The abolition of war and the abolition of nuclear weapons. Non killing is the measure of human progress. As Global citizens and custodians of our planetary home we have a duty to protect all of life and save from degradation and devastation our own human family and our own habitat. This section includes interfaith dialogue and Communication and Conflict Resolution and Human Rights. Governments never consider the voice of the people unless we speak out.
  3. December 8: Empowering the Future through Education for all. Against corporatization of education. Education as a quest for self-realization and creativity. Against misinformation by the media, Big brother and Global surveillance. The creation of freedom of expression and pluralism and multiculturalism.
  4. December 9: Arts, Humanities, Media and the Social Entrepreneur. Against Oligarchy and Polyarchy and for Democracy. A minority of ultra-wealthy individuals{ the Global monetocracy}, control The wealth ,resources ,media ,food production and even education and ways of thinking on this planet. Politicians need to learn the art of co-operation and the art of conflict resolution. In favour of a renaissance in consciousness and thinking. Think cosmically and act globally with higher values and higher levels of acceptance and tolerance and expression of oneness and love for all humanity.