Shaping The Future Global


  1. Patch Adams, US Gezuntheit Institute
  2. Lyn Allison, Australian Former Leader Australian Democrats
  3. Dr A T Ariyaratne, SRI LANKA Founder, Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement of Sri Lanka
  4. Professor Avni Sali, Australia, Foundation Director of National Institute of Integrative Medicine in Melbourne.
  5. Dr Desmond Berghofer, CANADA Educator, author and consultant on leadership and the creative management of change
  6. Robert Alan Black, Cr8ng. Idea Generation Services
  7. Fred Burks, Presidential interpreter, website manager, cover-up researcher and executive director of the PEERS network of websites
  8. William John Cox is a retired police officer, prosecutor, public interest lawyer, author and political activist
  9. Vanita Dahia, Australia, Academic specializing in Anti-Ageing medicine
  10. Deepak Chopra, The Chopra Centre
  11. Professor Marc Cohen MD PhD PhD, Discipline Leader for the Wellness Group, a core member of the RMIT University Health Innovations Research Institute
  12. William John Cox is a retired police officer, prosecutor, public interest lawyer, author and prosecutor, public interest lawyer, author and political activist
  13. Dr Michael Ellis, Producer, Shaping the Future Global, President The Global Peace Centre, Melbourne, Australia
  14. Dr Russell D'Souza, MBBS, MD(Madras), FCGP(I), MPM(Monash), DMHSc.(Melbourne), Chair Asia Pacific Bioethics Network for Education Science and Technology ,UNESCO .Chair in Bioethics Centre for Ethics in Medicine and Society, Melbourne Australia
  15. Germain Dufour, Spiritual Leader and Founder of the Global Community, Global Information Media (GIM),
  16. Barry M Dyke, Castle Asset Management, Author "The Pirates of Manhattan II: Highway to Serfdom" And Editor of
  17. Patrick Farenga, Home-schooling Expert and Author of Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Home-schooling, (Perseus) and The Beginner's Guide to Home-schooling (Holt Associates)
  18. Dr David Goodman, US, a neuroscience graduate of the University of Chicago and the University of California at Irvine
  19. Dr Chris Hamer, Australia, Visiting Associate Professor in the School of Physics, University of New South Wales Founder World Citizens Australia
  20. Jack Healey, Human Rights Action Centre, Washington D.C.
  21. Dr Jager Holly, Australia, specialises in Mind Body Medicine and Bio Energetic Medicine She is Co-Founder of The Centre for Change and The Medical Renaissance Group. Journalist, Healer and Author
  22. Dr Prof J J (James) Hurtak Ph.D., Ph.D. and Dr Desiree Hurtak Ph.D., MS. Sc. US are founders of The Academy for Future Science (, an international non-governmental organization that works to bring cooperation between science and consciousness
  23. Otieno Nickson, World Student Community for Sustainable Development, Nairobi, Kenya
  24. David W Oaks, Mind
  25. Lesley Pocock, Australia, Publisher and Managing Director Medi+WORLD International and of five international Medical Journals
  26. Japetus, Australia, is very well known in the Spiritual and New Age Music Industry
  27. Dr Cecil B. (Scott) Jones PhD M A, founder and president of the Peace and Emergency Action Coalition for Earth. Previous to this he was co-founder and president of the Human Potential Foundation.
  28. Dr Pavel Kasyanov, RUSSIA, Russian Society Ecological Economics
  29. Rabbi Michael Lerner, Editor of Tikkun Magazine, chair of the interfaith Network of Spiritual Progressives, Rabbi of Beyt Tikkun synagogue in Berkeley, Ca. and author of eleven books
  30. Jerry Mintz, Director, Alternative Education Resource Organization
  31. Dr Kamran Mofid BA, MA Economics, expert on economics and theology, the economics of the common good, and an inter-faith perspective on globalisation
  32. Otieno Nickson, World Student Community for Sustainable Development, Nairobi, Kenya
  33. Michael Plish,
  34. Ms Mary Rose, US, Agent for social transformation, CEO and Founder- FUTURE DAWNING.ORG is a virtual Learning Centre and Think Tank with a multi-dimensional focus
  35. David W Oaks, Mind
  36. Michael Plish,
  37. Danny Schechter, Filmmaker, The News Dissector
  38. Cevin Soling, Writer, Filmmaker "The War on Kids
  39. Dr Keith Suter PhD, Australia, is a consultant on strategic planning, Christian, and a futurist. awarded the Australian Governments Peace Medal in 1986: Rostrum's "Communicator of the Year in 1995
  40. Archbishop Desmond Tutu
  41. Isabelle Wachsmuth, World Health Organization, Geneva
  42. Otieno Nickson, World Student Community for Sustainable Development
  43. Steven Jay Zuckerman, Producer, The Better World Forum Steve is a Grammy Award-winning Producer and Creative Alchemist, Musician, Composer, Creative Director and Media Producer