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The new Global Community web site now automatically adapts its layout to different screen sizes, orientations, and resolutions, and for various desktop browsers and mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android phone, and tablets. Now you can read our Current News and Newsletters, watch our animations and play our video games and Apps anywhere safe you go (please not while driving). We have a series of new animations and Apps in plan for this Dialogue 2013 all of which are aimed at educating this generation and the coming generations in the ways of Global Community.

Please help us evaluate our new web site by completing this short survey. We will use your feedback to determine how we can improve our services to you. Thank you for volunteering your time.

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How did you find the new Global Community web site (informative, friendly accessible layout, useful, etc.)?

What section of the new Global Community website you found most useful?

What parts did you find the least useful or informative?


What device have you used to visit the new Global Community web site?

Comments and recommendations:
Will you be sending us an article, a research paper, or some work you wish to be published on our monthly Newsletter (If yes please read about the info in Global Dialogue 2013 program and the section on volunteering)?
Will you be organizing activities in line with Global Community in your own local community?