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Politics and Justice without borders
The theme of Global Dialogue 2013 is: Ministry of Global Peace in government

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September 2012

Volunteers listen, dialogue, encourage and organize. They are involved in several different sectors: education, environment, home and community development, social, industry, health, conflict resolution, resources, research, transportation, and office management.
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Volunteering qualifications
Volunteer's objectives
Volunteer's program
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Volunteering Qualifications Required
Global Dialogue 2013 does not offer training for students. Volunteers from all ethnic backgrounds who are intimate with the needs and beliefs of the people in their community so that community work there will be welcome and successful. Volunteer candidates are expected to have:

Several years of work experience
Academic qualifications (Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, etc.)
Good listening skill
Committed to supporting the efforts of others
A work methodology which promotes participation and exchange of ideas
Skills in working and learning with other people from different cultures
Good working knowledge of at least one of the following languages: English, French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Portuguese

Volunteers are people-centered and can play active roles in settling concerns between local communities and international organizations. We are inviting applications in the professions listed below:

1. Energy and Conservation Specialists
2. Environmental Lawyers
3. International Law Specialists
4. Sustainable Development Specialists
5. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists
6. Biodiversity Management Specialists
7. Environmental Management Specialists
8. Rural, Urban and Global Development Specialists
9. Social Development Specialists
10. Office Management
11. Education Specialists
12. Database Specialists
13. Computer Specialists and Website Developer Specialists
14. Ecologists (land, water)
15. Wildlife Specialists
16. Commerce/Business Administration Specialists
17. Home and Community Planners
18. Economists and Statisticians
19. Local Resource Management Specialists
20. Development Planners
21. Socioeconomic Planners
22. Waste Management Specialists

Global Dialogue 2013 reserves the right to withdraw a Volunteer from an assignment and to change the conditions of each engagement.

Community-based initiatives would involve helping communities in areas such as:

1. Environmental: parks, open territory, streams
2. Snow removal
3. Polluted water
4. Property clean-up
5. Traffic easement
6. Vandalism
7. Noise
8. Respect for lawns, trees, and gardens
9. Greening of the community
10. Youth involvement
11. Recycling
12. Stopping erosion of good land
13. Re-stocking of lakes and rivers
14. Healthful projects to create venue for youthful play
15. Protection of very young from bullies
16. Dealing with community conflict

Help for Volunteers

Bring your idea to a Global Dialogue 2013 meeting. We listen. We discuss. We encourage. We assist.

What is your idea? Whom would it assist? What is your game plan (the workable steps needed)?

What do you need to see it through?

Benefit of Being a Volunteer

The satisfaction of being a person devoted to creating a community more comfortable for its inhabitants and knowing the helpful work he/she does is of use else where as well, as the success of their work becomes known.

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Volunteer's Objectives
To help Global Dialogue 2013 create and acquire knowledge and experience for the benefit of communities which can be applied in other countries, as well as in their own ~ a road map to recovery, so to speak, helpful to the entire planet.

A Global Dialogue 2013 Volunteer is an unsalaried person and will not receive subsistence entitlements or any other type of remuneration. A Volunteer brings hope and encouragement to people, proactively building partnerships and exploring responses to issues of global concerns.

The programme is open to anyone from the developed and developing countries. Global Dialogue 2013 needs qualified and motivated women and men to serve as volunteers in technical, environmental, economic and social fields.

Volunteers listen, dialogue, encourage and organize. They are involved in several different sectors: education, environment, home and community development, social, industry, health, conflict resolution, resources, research (nor for graduate students), transportation, marketing, computing, community-based initiatives, office management, and/or organizing the upcoming Global Dialogue 2013 .

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Global Dialogue 2013 Volunteer's Program
Global Dialogue 2013 Volunteers Programme is a grassroots process aimed primarily at enabling women and men to dedicate a certain period of their lives to:

The cause of sound sustainable development throughout the world
Increase the participation of youth in development activities at the community level
Making the Global Community a reality

Global Dialogue 2013 is dedicated to the creation of opportunities for all members of the community to change and contribute to the development process. Global Dialogue 2013 supports community-based initiatives in finding sound solutions to their own community development.

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