Expenses estimate information of participating in Global Dialogue 2011
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Politics and Justice without borders
The theme of Global Dialogue 2013 is: Ministry of Global Peace in government

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Artwork by Germain Dufour
September 2012

 Expense Estimate Information

In case you are trying to put together an expense estimate to attend the Year 2011 Global Dialogue, the following information should be helpful.


Room rates at the hotels where the event activities will be held are $ - $ single occupancy, $ - $ double occupancy.


Registration fees are free.


Contact a travel agency for an airfare estimate.


Average $40 - 60 per day for three moderately-priced meals.

Local Transportation

The International Airport is an excellent, if not the best, performing airport in Canada for ground transportation.

Avis and Hertz car rental offices at the Airport.

The Airporter Bus to various destination to downtown costs _____ . A cab ride from the airport to downtown is $     , however sharing a cab can be a much less costly endeavor; up to four people can ride for the price of one person.



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