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There are multiple issues related to forming Earth Government, and they can be discussion roundtables themselves. We are inviting researchers and groups in submitting research papers and proposing discussion roundtables. 

How will we define the size of a global community with respect to voting and electing representatives to Earth Government?

What voting system is best for this purpose?

How much more work is there to do with the Earth Charter?

How will the Judiciary system be organized?

What will be the functions of Earth Council and how will it be elected?

What will be the functions of the Executive and who will elect Executive Members?

There are thousands of issues related to Earth Government. Send us your abstract/paper (s). All papers will be categorized.

The Earth Government will be formed when representatives have been elected. The Earth Community Organization will decide when there is a significant enough proportion of people throughout the world participating in this process. Countries will decide if they want to participate with this process or not. No one country will be forced to participate. It just means that if the government of a country does not allow representatives to be elected within their population then their will not be representatives from that country sent to Earth Government. It is a choice each country must make on their own.

Our job is to create a government model we prefer amongst others: an Interim Earth Government. We hope that the elected representatives will adopt the model as theirs and govern Earth. Other models can be discussed and we may even decide that one of them is a better idea. Send all your models or proposals. There will be Discussion Roundtables on Earth Government Models, voting systems, election procedures, and hundreds of other aspects or issues related to forming the Earth Government.

During the World Congress, I was elected by acclamation President of the Earth Community Organization and Interim Earth Government because no one else showed up. So I am the only Executive member of the Earth Community Organization. There will be another chance to elect a complete Executive during the coming August 2002 Global Dialogue. 

We will now work together on a democratically elected Earth Government model. This is a research and development project of the Earth Community Organization and GCAC. Its foundation, values and principles, global concepts, will be taken from the results obtained during the World Congress. A short summary of the work done so far is found in the World Congress Proceedings at:
Read the sections on universal values, Earth Charter, Vision of Earth in Year 2024. The fundamental global concepts are found in

There are 51 Ministries listed in one of the Articles of December 2000 Newsletter. Anyone of you may apply for those positions. I am asking you to choose a Ministry and start defining it completely: what it will do, why is it needed, the money needed to run it, the people needed, the work it will do all over the world, etc. Each and everyone of us (and new Participants) can pick a Minister's position and find absolutely everything there is to be found about your Ministry. You may create brain-storming exercises in your community to help you. I am doing the same thing as President (I also need a Vice-President). We will gather all our information and create a new Discussion Roundtable for each Ministry and do more discussion and research. The idea is to pass on to the elected representatives for Earth Government (assuming that they will be elected shortly after the Global Dialogue of August 2002) the work we have done to help them govern Earth. This way representatives will have an idea about what to do before they are elected as representatives to Earth Government. Once they are elected they may want to adopt our research work as a starting point for governing Earth.

I have discussed about the voting system in one of the December 2000 Newsletter articles. One representative per million people. If all countries in the world had decided to participate with this process we would have today 6,114 elected representatives to form Earth Government. They would form the Legislative body of Earth Government. They could actually all stay home to govern or from some place in their communities. Today communications are more than good enough to allow voting and discussing issues, etc. through the Internet and video conferencing. That would cut cost of governing down to a minimum, at least administrative costs. The Executive body would also govern in this way to cut cost down to a minimum. Ministers can administer their Ministries from where they live if they wish to. There will be a place for the Headquarters. We will show that it costs very little to administer Earth Government, and that we can achieve immense results. There is no limit to the good the Earth Government can achieve in the world. Think! What can do a unified 6.114 billion people determined to make things work to keep Earth healthy?

Those interested to become officers or ministers please submit your CV, three references, and a five page essay on why you want to become an officer or a minister. Several criteria will be taken into account: qualifications of the candidate for leadership, past record as a good citizen, no criminal records, your own financial support (we dont have any funds to pay anyone and for anything), and proven experience and competence in the position. Candidates work strictly on a volunteer basis. You are completely responsible for your own affairs. You are also required to have accepted in your heart and mind universal values, global concepts, democratic principles, and human rights as obtained and defined in the previous global dialogue. The immediate goals of the Interim Earth Government are to define and develop each Ministry as explained above. Details of Earth Government structure, goals and objectives, and Mission are available at

The reason why I have decided to choose members of my Executive is because I am working on a specific Earth Government model, the democratically elected Earth Government. Some people may not agree on its foundation. They are welcome to propose their own model during the global dialogue in August 2002.

All of those who decide to join me will be part of a major research paper to be published on the Earth Community Organization and Earth Government websites. Our work will be an important part of the Proceedings. If it happens that our research was adopted by the elected representatives than we would become founders of Earth Government.


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