Tribute to those who have submitted Papers

The Right Minds    The Right Ideas    The Right Time

In the same way the invention of the printed word awakened human consciousness in the last thousand years so the next thousand years of human evolution will reflect the new net-working around the globe, exchanging ideas, possibilities and opportunities.

The hundreds of people who have sent us their research work from around the world represent only a part of a great ground-swell of concern for the future of our planet. It is evident the problems addressed are those considered the most pressing at the present time, for which The Global Community organization was formed and the reason for the World Congress.

That so many educated, dedicated and brilliant minds from far countries would join with us in our endeavour is a strong indication our goals will be reached in the future.

This is the first opportunity thinkers from all countries have had to pool their ideas, brain-storm their concerns and search for universal solutions to the problems at hand. The world surely will never be the same again. Collective human intellectual  power will reach every country for the good of all.

These scientific research papers will be available for attention on the Internet. We feel the material contained is so important it will be as incandescent sparks, glowing on the floor of a dark forest, about to be blown into vibrant action by the winds of change.

In August it will be possible for anyone who visits our website in order to read these remarkable scientific papers, to participate in world concerns in another dimension, beyond T.V., news stories, and to become personally involved with change if they are moved to help, or contribute in some way.

It is quite possible the men and women who have produced this body of work will go down in history as major instruments of change.

We salute them!

Virginie Dufour (passed away April 28th)
Secretary General
The Global Community organization

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