Organizing Committee

The Global Community organization was conceived in 1990 by Germain Dufour. In the beginning it was operated in the old ways - promotion by mail, seeking sponsors. For several years Germain alone worked in this manner and got nowhere.

He used up all his savings on promotional activities. It was so time-consuming it was not a good idea to keep an executive type job where one's undivided loyalty is needed. He decided to trim his life style to live as simply as possible, by taking whatever short term jobs he could find to cover basic costs when needed.

In 1997, Virginie decided to learn about computers, and took a university course in Calgary. This led to the purchase of a computer, and the beginning of our present way of promoting the World Congress, which has made all the difference. Germain educated himself to design and develop a website because we could not afford professional help to do this.

Virginie provided a modest private income which kept day-to-day expenses in good order.

With Germain working 16 hours a day over the next years ~ except for short periods to take temporary jobs to finance the project ~ we were able to contact the world with our idea and the World Congress took on a life of its own. As a result The Global Community organization took on a truly international stature. The major problem was travel costs for the people in far countries. Again the computer gave us the answer. It is possible to conduct the World Congress on the computer and we shall do so soon.

The World Congress is not about making money. It is about bringing new ideas and sound solutions to the world at large to sustain Earth throughout this new millennium. It is about managing Earth. It is about linking ordinary people in their resolve to improve their way of life with one another's ideas, encouragement, and VISION.

A new computer-conscious world now makes it possible to do this.

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