Preliminary Program Participants and Abstracts

Global 2000

World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development

August 2000

What are the expectations from the Participants and Leaders of the Discussion Roundtables during the World Congress starting August 1st

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The World Congress on Managing and Measuring Sustainable Development starts August 1st. The period August 17-22 is a time for summarizing results and August 22 is the closing of the World Congress. Proceedings will be written in September and made available on the website afterwards.

The World Congress is being held all over the planet. Our website is used to relate results to everyone so as to continue the discussions with everyone else on Earth.

Their are 73 Discussion Roundtables divided into the four interacting blocks: Social(37), Environment(16), Economics(8) and Availability of Resources(12).

Leaders of the Discussion Roundtables are allowed to organize their sessions in their own town, university or home, wherever, as long as they assume all costs. Noone is being paid for their work and expenses. This is strictly on a volunteering basis and no money is available or will be available. You may also invite the public, experts and all Participants to your Discussion Roundtable. This is a grassroots process and everyone is invited.

Leaders were chosen. They do not have to do this. They may even up-out of this process at any time without penalties of any kind(let me know now if you cannot go on with this process). So please be understanding! We are breaking grounds with the World Congress and in the ways international conferences may be held in the future. Noone has ever organized a World Congress having people (including the general public) from all over the planet participating interactively from their own town, community, universities or homes.

Daily results of the Discussion Roundtables usually include comments and recommendations and are to be sent by email to
in the message area of the email (please no attachment unless necessary). This is for security reason as viruses could be attached to files. Each email message should not be larger than 60 KB. Send several messages but try to be within this limit. Only messages with email addresses shown under "Participants" will be read. If you need to use a different email address let me know first by phone.

All Participants are invited to send their comments and recommendations to the Leaders of their choice.

All Leaders are required now to send an Opening Statement related to their Discussion Roundtable. A Closing Statement should also be sent during the period August 17-22. These statements along with the comments and recommendations will be inserted in the space reserved to each Discussion Roundtable on our website at

All Leaders will contact (by email) paper submitters who have written Lead Papers within their respective Discussion Roundtables and ask for comments and recommendations. During the period August 17-22 Leaders will summarize results and email them as well.

Read the Final Program shown at
and ask for more information if needed.

Your Paper(s) are shown at
and verify that they were correctly uploaded

There are still several Papers to be typed-in. They were Papers sent by Post Office mail only (not by email as required). Please do try to sent your Paper(s) by email now; let me know if you do so there will be no need to type it all in. Papers with graphs, tables and scientific equations will have to be sent by email. The following researchers are good examples with papers containing such graphics and you may want to check them on the website: Casse, Dunne, Jagadeesh, Jha, Cassimon, Lausmaa, Katima and Kon.

All Papers should be ready and shown on our website before the end of July.

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